The BRITEC MOOC “A roadmap to citizen science Education” provides materials and stories of implementation from innovative citizen science education projects. Explore how to combine teachers’ and scientists’ forces from 22 March 2021!

Therefore, this course proposes a process of collaboration between teachers and researchers. It provides insights from the perspective of researchers who have supported teachers to develop STEM learning scenarios that include scientific activities based on the needs of active research projects. The main objective of this MOOC is to provide instructional design guidelines and the necessary resources so that teachers can develop a learning scenario of their own.

The MOOC consists of four modules, each of them fostering teachers’ skills and knowledge that are necessary for the design, development and implementation of citizen science education projects. Moreover, the course addresses how to introduce research methodologies and activities in the classroom as a way to engage pupils into STEM subjects.

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn more about the process of integrating scientific activities in STEM teaching
  • Explore the possibilities that can be utilised in the classrooms’ learning environment once teachers’ and scientists’ forces are combined
  • Learn how to contextualize in class deeper scientific knowledge while keeping the teaching engaging
  • Develop a citizen science learning scenario