About the MOOC

In this MOOC, teachers will be guided to create their own Learning Scenario with tested materials from the Aerospace in class project. They will hear best practices from the project’s Lead Teachers and learn about all the knowledge and skills needed to engage students with aerospace subjects. The course will give the opportunity to study practical solutions from aerospace education and will present inspirational examples of activities in the fields of “Science of Flight”, “Mission to the Moon” and the “Future of the Skies”. The course will consist of four modules, each of them tackling different aspects of designing modern classroom lessons for students on aerospace topics, which are great to be implemented in a STEM class.

Learning objectives

In this MOOC, teachers will:

  • Create their own Learning Scenario for their STEM class using aerospace resources
  • Learn about different resources of the Aerospace in Class project for educational activities
  • Learn about Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE), the “Do it yourself (DIY) approach, Design thinking and how to apply these in their classroom
  • Learn how to plan and design aerospace activities in their classroom
  • Exchange with peers and review each others’ Learning Scenarios

Course info

Start date: 15 February 2021

  • Duration: 5,5 weeks
  • Number of modules: 5 including final course activity

Target audience:

This course is open to anyone interested, but the activities are mainly targeted at secondary school teachers and teacher trainers from Europe and beyond with an interest in aerospace and STEM education.

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